Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Balkin Moonshine

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006

These are photos from Saturday night at the museum of Fine Arts Houston. Starbucks was introducing Pomegranate Frappaccino and threw a nice bash to make it happen. Providing the entertainent was Bavu Blakes, Hydroponic Sound System, EP Sarah, and DJ Ayres. And I think every one there had a great time. If you were there and happen to see your photo, drop me a line- ( let me know who you are, and I will gladly put a name to your photo.

See yall out and about,


DJ Ayres giving a clinic on coolness

"Bavu Blakes is a grown ass man", bwah.

Mr. Matty and Bavu Blakes pose for a pic.
Bavu making it look easy.

Cheers Matty.

E.P. Sarah was one of the hosts of the event, and fun as hell to photo.

Unfortunately I got to the show a little late and missed most of Hydroponic Sound System. But after the show, these guys were making the VIP room seem like day care, but with booze. - letting off steam by slamming beers and kicking beach balls.

playing like kids....

this crew has a back belt in keeping it real.

A diverse crowd was on hand for the shows- all zip codes were well represented.

big smile in the VIP room

...And the Golden Booty award goes to.......

Willy (left), Matt Sonzala (center) and wife Melissa (right).. and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA!
This is the guy who gets his had "borrowed"... keep scrolling dow. You'll see.

Chillin' outside. (If that's possible in Houston during August)

Les is more

Bubba was one wild cat... that's all I am going say.

Matty, double fisting beers, on his way up.

A picture is worth a thousand words and it's all true. Believe it.

Just when you think too much is never enough, "Rhinestone Life" hit the stage and omfg... !

the front man for this band reminds me of a combination of Elvis, Jim Morrison, and John Belushi, with a heaping dose of "not giving a F@%K"!

Lettin' it all hang out

a move straight from "The King's" play book.

The stage just wasn't big enough to contain this kind of energy, so dude jumps into the crowd, takes the hat off a fans head, and continues his act while bouncing beach balls off his head.
working the crowd.