Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Flag Wars

These photos were taken in front of the Israeli embassy in Houston, on July 17, 2006. The protest was in response to Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Palestine.

Protest is always in fashion

This lady in the white Jaguar felt the need to drive very close to the curb where demonstrators were assembled. When she finally got one to touch her car, she jumped out with an aire of righteous indignation.

Apparently Houston's finest bought her act.

the crowd voices their outrage.

429-CFW in case you can't make it out

A face of concern

This little girl was sounding off and meaning every word of it.

Mothers speak up and speak out

The Houston Police were on hand...

. In the next set of photos, a man (Herb Rothchild)is told to move by police, he politely declines... you'll be able to gather the rest. But I have to admit, the old dude took it like a champ.

*One note to this set of photos, this guy was arrested for having a sign counter to Israeli policy on the East side of the street. But if you will look in my other photos- two people were allowed to stand on the East side of the street waving an Israeli flag and yelling at the protesters. Perhaps they just didn't like Herb's politics.

Being Heard

Faces in the crowd

So maybe I am a bit immature and enjoy sophmoric humor, but i couldn't help myself from wondering... What is the FOX NEWS guy doing with his microphone to these well fed Zionists?


Anonymous said...

You are just an anti-Semite. Whoever is against Israel, is usually against Jews as well.

Eric S. Thompson said...

At first, I wasn't even going to respond to your comment, but the more I thought on it, the more I decided I should. First off I am neither a racist or against "Jews". I am opposed to the illegal U.S. occupation in Iraq and not "against" (your word) the American people, Christians, Catholics or Protestants. What I am against is narrow minded religiuos extremist who are proned to making logically flawed, one lined inflamatory statements - whether they come from a "terrorist", a war criminal president, or knuckleheaded keyboard warrior, too chicken shit to sign his/her name. But who knows... may be one day you can herd me into a ghetto just like the Nazi's and the and the Israelis.(Please notice I didn't use the word "JEWS" fuck face.