Friday, July 28, 2006

On Wednesday night Diplo was in town and it was NUTZ. You gotta check out these pics !

I was able to get some pretty nice shots, and afterwards we all went over to KPFT studio's for some Vodka and LIVE air time on "Damage Control" hosted by DJ Chill and Matt Sonzala. If you want to see a full write up on the shows (and the sheer madness back at the radio station) check out Matt's blog at .

Opening for him were two bands from Brazil that were Full-On. Crazy, high impact energy stage antics and all about putting on a very memorable performance. This set of pictures below are of

"CSS" - Cansrea der Sexxy

- Bonde do Role-

this band hit the stage like a riot, and were one hell of a lot of fun afterwards, back at the radio station.

mean while back at KPFT,.... DJ Chill and Matt Sonzala have another episode of Damage Control Radio underway....

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